Hiking trails in El Refugio Los Volcanes, Amboró park (ca. 1000-1350 m)

This is a list of the hiking trails in Refugio Los Volcanes, Amboro National Park. The list includes a description, aproximate duration and physical difficulty level of each hike.

1.        Loro trail (2,5 to 3 hours): Special for birdwatching. You can also enjoy bromeliads and a beautiful panoramic view from the top. Good physical condition required.
2.       Cóndor trail (around 2,5 hours): It includes the Orchids trail (see number 3 on this list). Not very steep ascent of approximately 20 min. Beautiful panoramic view of Refugio Los Volcanes.
3.        Orquídeas trail (1 hour roundtrip): Plenty of orchids, specially between June and November. You will also find bromeliads and waterfalls.
4.        Parque and Cóndor trail (around 3,5 to 4 hours): It includes part of the Orchids trail (see number 3 on this list) and 20 min ascent of Condor trail (number 2 of the list). It cross 5 times the Elvira river. Big bibosi trees, giant ferns and panoramic views. Recommended only for people with very good physical condition.
5.        Cafetal trail (around 2 to 3 hours roundtrip): It ends at a waterfall as reward to your effort.
6.        Sirari trail (approximately 1 hour around the mail house: It includes lovely and refreshing waterfalls with sandy beaches.
7.        The main entrance road to Refugio Los Volcanes is also a good option for trekking while spotting some birds. Let the jeep take only your luggage to the cabin and start walking.