About Bolivia

Visiting Bolivia is a unique, unforgettable and authentic experience. Bolivia is one of the most diverse countries in the world, both in cultural and ethnic terms as well as in bio-diversity. The human richness of its inhabitants is made up of more than thirty native ethnic groups (Guarani, Ayoreo, Moxeño, Aymara, Quechua), mestizos, Europeans, Japanese, Mennonites, Afro-Bolivians and some other minorities. And if additionally, you wish to see the diversity of cultural expressions, dances, costumes or culinary variety, the list is interminable.

If you are interested in nature at its wildest, most diverse, harsh, solitary and surprising, throughout the country you will find fascinating places. More than 16% of Bolivia ‘s territory is classed as protected, whether as national parks, or in other categories of protected areas.

Bolivia ranks sixth as the country with greatest diversity in birds, eighth in reptiles, tenth in mammals and eleventh in higher plants. Even without coastal scenery, Bolivia is a member of a select club of countries which offer a sampling of most of the natural riches of the entire world. In fact, the country is blessed with a great variety of ecosystems such as tropical forests, Andean mountains, valleys, pampas, Chaco , Pantanal etc.

The authenticity of the folklore, the untouched scenery, the many national parks, the tranquillity one feels while travelling, are some of the many advantages of travelling in Bolivia, in the heart of South America, the summary of the continent.

Do you need a VISA to enter Bolivia?

EU citizens do not require a VISA to enter Bolivia if the stay is no longer than 3 months.