Reina de Enin Amazon Cruiser

Reina de Enin Amazon Cruiser

Reina de Enin and Ruta Verde Tours have been featured in the “Domingo” (Sunday) travel magazine of “El Mercurio” (06/06/2021 edition), the major national Chilean newspaper.

Enjoy the Bolivian Amazon and it’s amazing flora and fauna on board Flotel Reina de Enin, a comfortable catamaran navigating the Mamore river.

Imagine waking up to the sound of parrots and monkeys. Look out of the window and see early morning pink river dolphins. Hundreds of animals and plants await you in the forest.

Higher up the river a horse is ready…
There is more to experience…

Imagine a cultural experience: Native peoples. Their traditions and way of life. Their compromise with nature. The magic of millenial civilizations.

Higher up the river, a local community…
There is a lot to share…

Imagine you are in a hammock on the terrace, cold drink in hand. A flock of royal storks crosses the blue sky. The air is hot.

Higher up the river, the beach…
This is real life !… Welcome to the Reina de Enin!


Program Rainy Season


Time of the year: November – April (rainy season)
Duration: 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 days

DAY 1: Arrival and rendezvous at Trinidad airport. Overland transfer to Puerto Varador ( 16 km west of Trinidad). We embark on the Reina de Enin and sart navigating downriver on the Mamore river – the largest Amazon tributary in Bolivia . As we start traveling north, you will be in one of the truly most remote areas left in our world. Wildlife sightings increase, primary forest remains, and the native people still harbor a curiosity about us. You may sense that you traveled back in time. Overnight on board.

DAY 2: From the terraces of the Reina de Enin and as we navigate this morning we enjoy the varied landscape of rivers and rainforest, and its wide array of sounds and wildlife – caimans, river dolphins, capybaras, monkeys, toucans, turtles, as well as dozen of bird species. We then arrive in the vicinities of Estancia El Carmen, a small cattle ranch bordering with the pampa grasslands. Meet with the local cowboys of the savanna or pampa mojeña. This afternoon we will reach San Renato. This is an indigenous settlement of only six Yurakare families. We will have time to meet with the inhabitants for cross-cultural exchange before the sun goes down and we return to the Reina de Enin for dinner. Overnight on board.

DAY 3: Today we will reach the areas known as ¨Morenita¨. There we will leave our motorboat and embark on dugout canoes. As we row silently into a group of lagoons and streams we observe the vast amount of wildlife around us. This afternoon we will carry on with our exploration of another five lagoons and streams in the Mocovi area. Back to the main river in the late afternoon time may allow for a refreshing bath in the company of the river dolphins. After dinner we will take a night excursion to look for caimans and learn about their hunting habits.

DAY 4: Today we will reach Villa El Carmen, an indigenous community of Mojeño inhabitants who live on the shores of the Mamore river. There we will learn about the Mojeño culture, their crafts, and the development projects they have implemented on the basis of sustainable tourism. From Villa El Carmen a long hike into the rainforest will enable us to know about the various palm species used in the making of native handicrafts and tools. We may also see groups of howler – and squirrel monkeys on the way. In the forest the guide will also show us the wild cacao trees (born and grow without human intervention). Back to the Reina de Enin we will navigate (if you like you can have a cup of hot cocoa made of Bolivian wild organic chocolate) until we reach the confluence of the Mamore and the Ibare rivers. This is where we will anchor for the night. After dinner we will watch a slide show on the amazing hydraulic achievements of the ancient Mojeño civilization, twenty centuries before our time.

DAY 5: We will wake up very early today in order to reach Chuchini protected area on time to observe the rise of hundreds of parrots and macaws. We will then visit the small museum where millennial archaeological remains and artifacts from past civilizations of the area are displayed. Navigation back towards Trinidad , with many chances to see wildlife on the way – caimans, river dolphins, capybaras, monkeys, toucans, turtles, as well as dozen bird species. Upon arrival at Puerto Loma Suarez we will transfer to a hotel in Trinidad , or to the bus station or the airport as you choose, for a bus or plane connection.

Program Dry Season


Time of the year: May – October (dry season)
Duration: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 days

DAY 1: (L, D) Meet and assist at Trinidad airport. Transfer to port “Los Puentes” (16 Km to the west) where we will embark on the Flotel Reina de Enin, and start navigating along the Mamoré River – the largest river within Bolivian territory. Our first day will bring us many opportunities to spot wildlife. Arrival at the Yuracare community of “San Renato”, meet with the villagers for cultural exchange. In the late afternoon our guide will invite us for a refreshing swim in the Mamoré river. As the sun goes down we will then return to the Reina de Enín for dinner. Overnight on board.

DAY 2: (B, L, D) Wake up at the sound of the rainforest. We may take a pre-breakfast swim with the friendly ¨bufeos¨ or pink river dolphins.

Carry on with the navigation until we reach estancia “El Carmen” (cattle ranch). From there we will take a horseback riding excursion through the forest and along the savanna. On our way back we will visit the facilities of the ranch and take a look at how cows and horses are handled. In the afternoon we will explore the group of lagoons at Victoria. This is a perfect opportunity to have a close look at the pink fresh water dolphins or bufeos. Once we reach the lagoons a low-noise outboard motorboat will take us into small tributaries surrounded by periodically inundated gallery forests.

In the afternoon, as we return to the Reina de Enín and carry on with our navigation we may spot a number of animals on the riverbanks.

DAY 3: (B, L, D) Today This morning we will carry on with our navigation until we reach the beginning of the trail to Soledad on the riverbank, for a 3-hour walk including visits to giant trees such as Ceiba trees, Hura trees, and strangler figs such as the Bibosi trees. On our way we will pass along a cocoa plantation and will also cross a lagoon with Victoria Regia waterlilies. Back to the Flotel we will navigate towards the “Boca” where the Ibare and Mamoré rivers meet. Later at night, after dinner, we will embark on a small aluminium motorboat for a night photo safari to look for caimans and learn about their hunting habits. We might be able  to spot the legendary black cayman.

DAY 4: (B, L, D) Today we will reach Villa El Carmen, an indigenous community of Mojeño inhabitants who live on the shores of the Mamore river. There we will meet with the local settlers in an attempt to know about their customs, their crafts and the development projects they have implemented on the basis of sustainable tourism. A rainforest walk will then take us to the many palmtree species from which the locals take the raw material for their handicraft. Groups of howler- and squirrel monkeys can be spotted during the fruit-growing season. In the afternoon we will look for animals on the riverbanks and footprints on the beach.

DAY 5: (B, L, D) We will leave this area and head towards “La Morenita”, where we will enjoy paddling on our dugout canoes as locals do. This is the way we will enter two lagoons to look for the voracious piranhas.

In the afternoon we will stop at a beautiful, white sandy beach for a sunbath and a swim with the pink river dolphins or bufeos. At night we will be introduced to the archaeological findings related to the amazing hydraulic culture of the Moxos people.

DAY 6: (B, L, D) Early this morning we will take a motorboat along the Ibare river to visit to Chuchini area – a sanctuary for local birds as well a private protected area – where we will witness the wakening of hundreds of macaws and parrots. Afterwards we will visit the small, local archaeological museum. In the afternoon if you are interested we will go fishing with the “experts” – the crew of the Reina will take us to some of their favorite places and we will probably catch fresh fish for tonight’s dinner.

DAY 7: (B) Today we will look for some lonely beach along the river for a refreshing bath and say farewell to the “bufeos” dolphins. Alternatively those who prefer may go for big fishing such as general, pacú y surubí catfish. Then back on our smaller boats along the black waters of the Ibare river towards the port of Loma Suarez. There are many wildlife spotting opportunities on our way, including caymans, river dolphins, capybaras, monkeys, turtles, and lots of diferent bird species. From Loma Suarez you will be transfered to the airport to take your flight.

Tour includes:

  • Excursions
  • Transfer airport/bus terminal – Reina de Enin – airport/bus terminal
  • Overnight stay in cabins
  • Very tasty meals (water is served with the meals and is included during meals, soda´s and alcoholic drinks are not included)

What we recommend to take with you:

  • Insect repellent
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Sun block
  • Hat against the sun
  • Binoculars
  • Trousers and shirt with long sleeves
  • Warm sweater
  • Bathing clothes
  • Your passport and visa


  • ´Bolivia vonden we super! Het was heel afwisselend, van het koude zuidwesten naar de warme Rio Mamore. Uyuni was erg mooi. Ik hou er van om een beetje actief bezig te zijn, dus het was veel zitten en kijken. Maar dit wist ik natuurlijk van te voren en het prachtige uitzicht maakte alles goed.´

    Diana Proost The Netherlands
  • ´Bolivia vonden we super! Het was heel afwisselend, van het koude zuidwesten naar de warme Rio Mamore. Uyuni was erg mooi. Ik hou er van om een beetje actief bezig te zijn, dus het was veel zitten en kijken. Maar dit wist ik natuurlijk van te voren en het prachtige uitzicht maakte alles goed.Het flotel Reina de Enin op de rivier was nog veel leuker dan we dachten. We twijfelden of het niet iets te lang zou zijn, 4 dagen op een boot. Maar alle activiteiten die we konden doen, het vriendelijke personeel, geweldige eten en het relaxte dakterras zorgden voor superdagen! We hebben ons enorm vermaakt. En de warmte was na al die kou ook wel erg welkom!Het piranjavissen vond ik echt geweldig (de 1e keer dat we hebben gevist, en doordat ze zo vaak hapten was het heel erg leuk, en lekker!) Tijdens het 'wandelen' in de jungle moest de gids echt een pad weghakken wat het ook avontuurlijker maakte dan verwacht. Tijdens de laatste zonsondergang gingen we met een klein bootje roze dolfijnen zoeken. We hadden geluk dat er wel 50 om ons heen zwommen, daarnaast waren er vele vogels zoals rode Ibis. Het was echt een waanzinnig mooi plaatje, een perfect "afscheid" van Bolivia.De jongen die ons naar het vliegveld in Trinidad bracht heeft ons ook met alles geholen, inchecken etc. Alles was dus prima geregeld!Bedankt voor alle snelle reacties! Dat was echt super. Een paar maanden geleden had ik een paar reisbureaus in Bolivia gemaild om te informeren over de zouttour. Maar de meeste hebben zelfs helemaal nooit gereageerd...´We hebben nog heel veel te zien in Bolivia. Als we terugkomen ga ik zeker bij RutaVerde kijken welke avonturen je nog meer biedt!

    Diana Proost The Netherlands
  • ´Het was echt fantastisch. De crew was zo lief en hebben ons echt in de watten gelgd. Dit betekende: heerlijk eten en ik ben dikke maatjes geworden met manolo (de kapitein) waarmee ik samen op visjacht ben gegaan te grote piranha's en catfish´s gevangen. Hugo is een perfecte gids met veel geduld en is zeer vriendelijk. Hebben nog heerlijk gezwomen tussen de dolfijnen (zeker 30 gezien) en nog veel meer. Is echt een aanrader voor iedereen. Zal je wat foto´s mailen als ik thuis ben. Voor de rest complimenten voor de organisatie. Was echt top geregeld.´

    Roel and Sanne The Netherlands
  • ´Hi Gijs, Just a thank you for organising our trip. Everything was just dandy. Have a great new year. Warm regards, Laurence´

    Laurence Australia
  • ´Estuvimos muy contentos con el viaje. Muchísimas gracias a usted. Ha ayudado mucho, tenido mucha paciencia con migo y las preguntas de mi familia. Ellos estaban muy contentos con el tour. Era un viaje increíble que nunca vamos a olvidar. Gracias.´

    Sidsel Andersen y familia Denmark
  • ´Reina de Enin muestra al aventurero que decide navegar a lo largo de los maravillosos rios del Beni: Mamoré, Ibare y Matiquipiro....encontrarás a cada paso hermosos animales tales como grandes aves, capibaras, monos y maravilloso. Y los animales más maravillosos para Mariana (mi hija) y para mí fueron los delfines de río llamados "bufeos", ellos son tan amigales y parecen estar siempre siguiendo tus trazos en el agua....este fue un viaje maravilloso que fue coordinado por un nuevo amigo: Gijs de "Ruta Verde". Reina de Enin muestra lugares mágicos tanto en epoca baja como en epoca alta.....afortunadamente nosotros pudimos ver los rios durante lluvias.....fue mágico. Yo recomiendo este viaje a todos quienes deseen estar en contacto con la naturaleza.´

    Gina & Mariana Bolivia
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