Kachi lodge Uyuni salt flats tour

Kachi lodge Uyuni salt flats tour

The Kachi lodge Uyuni tour includes a stay at the Kachi lodge and turns your Salar de Uyuni trip into the most luxurious adventure.

The Kachi lodge is a brand-new luxury lodge located on the inmense Uyuni salt flats. As if the surroundings of Salar de Uyuni were not out-of-this-world enough, this dome camp set on the very Salar is somewhat of a science fiction adventure and something truly unique. From a distance, the futuristic white pods of the Kachi lodge look like a space station. The 6 luxury domes are composed of repeated equilateral triangles and lit up at night, with solar panels placed in between the domes. This is a viewing station unlike any you will ever experience in such an arid area.

The dome camp also has something of an observatory built for a passionate astrophysicist! In front and on top of the dome, a transparent panel offers wide-open views on the Salar and its starry night sky. Kachi lodge is any stargazer’s dream.

White against white, the set up is perfect.
The Kachi lodge is a surreal wild vision, out of this world. From inside your cozy warm dome you will be able to enjoy the unique views over the never-ending expanse of the Salar. Something nowhere else can give you.

This is the place where you will be able to enjoy sunsets, sunrises and starry nights!


3 Day tour

Reference program 3 Days / 2 Nights

A suggested itinerary is as follows:

DAY 1 

Transfer from Uyuni airport, private vehicle and guides. First visit to the village of Colchani, road across salt flats / Playa Blanca / Ojos de Sal / Picnic lunch / Isla Pescado / Train cemetery. Road to Kachi Lodge to the northern tip of Salar de Uyuni at the bottom of Tunupa Volcano. Arrival with time enough to settle in.

Standing directly on the salt flats, looking like a space station on Mars, this luxury dome camp waits for you. (Altitude 3.600 m.)

DAY 2 

You will spend the day on the Salar de Uyuni, one of the most spectacular settings on Earth, discovering every aspect of this unique environment. Your host will be on hand to arrange activities, visit to the charming village of Coquesa and the preserved mummies of Coquesa sheltered in a cave, the archaeological site of Alcaya, an old pre-Columbian city near Salinas and venture on a hike / trek to the crater of the nearby Thunupa volcano. At night, the sky of the Alptiplano unveils its show with thousands of glittering stars.

Night on at the dome camp.

DAY 3 

Transfer to Uyuni airport.

Programs are fully inclusive, with overnight on the Uyuni Salt Flats in a luxury double dome , dedicated 4×4 vehicles, transfers in/out from Uyuni airport,  English speaking guide, private activities in the local areas and award winning cuisine provided by “Gustu” Restaurant.

Not included: Flight in and out, personal expenses and tips.

FAQ's about Kachi Lodge
  • WHAT ABOUT ALTITUDE? The word Altiplano says it all. Kachi Lodge is located at 3’600 M / 12’000 Ft.and some activities will take you over 4’000 M / 13’000 Ft It takes a little while to get used to the altitude. That’s why we would recommend you to do some acclimatization at a lower altitude before coming to Kachi Lodge so you can get the best out of your experience with us. There are no strenuous activities, so if you’re in acceptable physical condition, you’ll be all fine. Kachi Lodge provides medical oxygen bottles, masks and an inflatable hyperbaric chamber in case of emergency. Staff at Kachi lodge has received basic first aid training on the use of these systems. If you’re still concerned about your capacity to cope with high altitude, you should consult your doctor. Some tests can also be performed at specific medical centers.
  • WHAT WILL THE WEATHER BE LIKE? The dry season usually runs from late April to end of October. The rain season starts in November/December till beginning of April. During the dry season, you will experience crystal clear skies, sunny weather…and cold temperatures at night (down to -15°C/5°F) Our domes are heated so don’t be afraid to be cold inside). During the day T° goes up to about 12°C/50°F. Driving on the flats at that time of the year is easy. During the rain season, tempartures are much higher, Day temperatures can reach a good 20°C/ 68°F and night temparures barely reach 0°C/32°F. Rain usually falls during thunderstorms at the end of the afternoon. At that time of the year,with higher chances during January and February, you can experience the amazing mirror effect, when the flats are flooded with a few inches of water. It’s still possible to drive on the Salar at that time, but depending on the level of water, you might need to take a longer route to access to Kachi Lodge from Uyuni and to some other sites.
  • WHAT TYPE OF COMFORT SHOULD I EXPECT? Kachi Lodge is designed to offer the maximum of comfort to our guests i.e. comfy bedding with thick duvet, private bathroom with running hot water, towels, wardrobe, ambience lightning and proper heating to keep you away from the cold. Housekeeping is done daily. However, don’t forget that you’re about to live an experience close to nature with a camp spirit, so it’s not to be compared to a luxury hotel room.
  • IS THERE A RISK OF INTOXICATION OR FIRE WITH THE WOOD STOVE? No. Our wood stoves are designed to fit in the dome. Your host will explain how to light and look after the stove or will be happy to do it for you. Each tent has a smoke and CO2 detector + a fire extinguisher.
  • WHO WILL TAKE CARE OF ME WHILE STAYING ON THE CAMP? Our host team is composed of a camp leader, an operation manager, a chef, a service team and housekeeping team. During the activities, an English/Spanish speaking guide will accompany you so you can make the best out of your experience.
  • DOES THE RESTAURANT OFFER A-LA-CARTE DINNER? No. It’s a set menu. We offer dishes with local products only, we respect the seasonality of the products and the producers. We’ll be happy to consider your diet requirements or allergies when possible.
  • CAN I HAVE DINNER ON MY OWN? Yes. Tables settings offer communal table for those who want to share their experience of the day at Kachi Lodge with other guests or 2 to 4 seat tables for those preffering a more private atmosphere.
  • IS IT POSSIBLE TO EXTEND MY STAY? Yes, if availability allows, we’ll be happy to extend the stay, adding activities to the program. Price on request.
  • ARE THE EXCURSION ON THE CAMP DONE IN GROUP? Depending on the occupancy of the camp, yes, you might join other guests to share the same activity. However, a group will never exceed 12 persons at the same time.
  • WHAT KIND OF EQUIPMENT DO I NEED? Good pair of walking shoes, wind stopper fleece, down jacket, light gloves, hat and cat. 4 sunglasses. At this altitude and especially on the Salt Flats, sunlight is unbearable without sunglasses and can lead to serious eye burns.
  • WHAT IS INCLUDED DURING MY STAY? The lodge is sold as an all inclusive experience. Minimum stay 2 nights.
  • ARE THE TRANSFERS INCLUDED? Included in the cost of your stay is a private transfer from Uyuni airport (or town, depending on your arrival plans), and return to Uyuni at the end of your stay. Please contact us if you are interested in other tours in the Uyuni area such as visits to Laguna Colorada and Verde and/or a transfer to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.
  • WHAT IS THE MAXIMUM GUEST CAPACITY? Kachi Lodge has a capacity of 6 domes /18 guests maximum.
  • CAN I DISCUSS MY UYUNI TRIP FURTHER WITH YOU? Yes, we’re always happy to provide any information or advice about your Uyuni trip. If you have any questions or queries, contact us here. We’re ready and waiting to help you find your perfect Uyuni tour.

Find out more about our Uyuni salt flats tours, we have a complete and varied offer (including transfers to Tupiza or San Pedro de Atacama, Chile) to meet your wishes and travel plans.

Keep in mind that the program may change due to special circumstances like bad weather conditions. 

Possible activities during your stay to make out the best of your experience during the Kachi lodge Uyuni tour are:

  • Exploration of the Salar itself, trekking on the cactus filled islands and visiting the “Ojos de Sal”.
  • Trekking to the base of the crater on the Thunupa volcano (2 hours trek).
  • Cycling across the salt flats with bicycles available at the lodge.
  • Visits to nearby archaeological sites of Coquesa and Alcaya.
  • Interaction with the local farming and artisanal community of Jirira.
  • A daily visit to the quinoa fields or walk to encounter llama farmers amidst their herd are a unique way to understand the local culture – and the dedication needed to fight the extreme climate and make a living out of it.
  • During the wet season, when the level of water allows it, enjoy a stand up paddle ride on the flooded Salar.
  • Visit to Uyuni’s famous “train cemetery”, Pescado island and Colchani town.
  • At night, a telescope is at your disposal to observe the starry night of the Altiplano.

The Bolivian cuisine is provided by La Paz’s multi-award-winning Gustu restaurant. This cool restaurant is one of Latin America’s 50 best restaurants 2017. Gustu is the Quechua word for flavour.

Contact us to book a trip or to get further details on the programs.

We can also arrange a combination of this tour with other services in Uyuni or private transport to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. Check out our full range of Salar de Uyuni tours that include a visit to the Eduardo Avaroa Reserve where deserts, volcanos, geysers, hot springs, and high-altitude lakes such as Laguna Verde and Laguna Colorada are located.


  • ´The tour that we went on was wonderful. My sister and I were on a very tight time schedule and arrived in Santa Cruz with NO idea who to go on a tour with. But needing to organize one for the next day. We met the owners of Ruta Verde and were sold! It was so simple to organize; everything was just so easy and uncomplicated. I was originally worried that the trekking would be difficult and that ... well basically I wouldn't make it! But I loved the peaceful walking mixed with the interesting notes on the flora and fauna that we could see. Our guide was so gorgeous; he was honest, genuine and knew everything that we could ever hope to know - the medicinal properties of the plants as well as the behavior of the animals that we could see. The waterfalls were amazing and the views stunning. The spider monkeys and the (ok I'm forgetting the name now.... ManoMono? I know that's wrong, but there was a brown monkey that we chased along a path and watched while he swung throu gh the trees and I can't remember which species he was...If you can figure out who I mean, please fill in the blanks!!!) were brilliant. I was so excited to see the animals in their natural habitat. The spider monkeys were shaking branches in the trees; our guide explained that it was to prove who was stronger to the other males in another tree. At night we sat quietly and waited until the nocturnal animals appeared. Our guide also explained the origins of the park and the inhabitants who live on the outskirts. The food was great. The insight into life in the jungle was simply amazing and a wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone.´

    Kat Hamer Australia
  • ´I've done a Bolivia trip (with my lonely planet) for two months. I've been, in 2 months, with A LOT of different tour agencies. Ruta Verde Tour Agency was definitely my favorite. Everything was perfectly organized (which is not that common in Bolivia !) and very sympatic. I took the Amboro park tour for couple of days and I can assure you that it was the best days of my travel. One of the things that I did like the most with this agency is that they hire local guides for most of their trips (which helps a lot of people). So, from my personal experience, you should expect an well organized tour agency with the best prices and enjoy a wonderful trip in the Amboro park with a local guide, from who you will learn unforgettable things...The agency also speak Spanish, English and Dutch. I'm not working for anyone, I'm just leaving this comment because I think that this agency should be known by every traveler in Bolivia. Have a nice trip!´

    Étienne Gauthier Canada
  • ´What to say about Amboro National Park, the words amazing, beautiful, spectacular, awesome all to come to mind but these superlatives aren't enough, you need to touch it, feel it, hear it, taste it to get the true Amboró experience with Ruta Verde and after you do you never forget it, its fantastic!!! Thanks a million for the experience.´

    James Gradwell South Africa
  • 'I spent 4 days in Amboro in April with Ruta Verde's excellent, knowledgeable local guide. The trip was well organised and the lowland rainforest considerably different from the cloud forest seen in the higher areas of the park. A four day trip allowed me to explore some of the more remote areas off the beaten track that would be virtually impossible to find without a guide.

    David Eggleton UK
  • 'Buenos Dias Gijs; The Amboro trek definitely met my expectations. It was incredible, in large part due to the epertise of the guide. He really is a great guide. I don't know from first-hand experience, but I strongly suspect that he is one of the best guides in the business. He is very patient, calm and observant. I'm a fair bird-watcher, etc. but I don't think I once spotted a bird or monkey before the guide did! --- and his sure-footed waltz up the stream boulders is a joy to watch.We stayed four nights at the Rio Macuñucu cave and did day-hikes. We saw green-cheeked parakeets (like my Tikka!), lots of Mitred parakeets (red head) and we often saw the Military Macaws who nest in the cliffs. We saw two types of monkey, lots of other kinds of birds, lots of trees and vines; went swimming, great hiking, and the food was great.Overall, I loved the trip and would (might?) do it again.

    Mac Mestayer USA
  • 'My wife Uschi Janssen and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Parque Amboro (2-4 September 2010). Our guide Julian was most helpful and really made an effort to show us the diversity of wildlife. We were lucky to see small monkeys and a lot of different birds including all kinds of parrots and tukans. Do?a Roci prepared nice meals at the caba?a which, while very basic, is a pleasant place to be. Wild pigs crossed our path and we saw traces of the panther. We will not forget the quietness at night and the sounds of numerous birds. Many thanks and best wishes. Jan Tuit´

    Jan Tuit & Uschi Janssen Netherlands
  • 'Hallo Gijs, even een mailtje om te laten weten dat we erg genoten hebben van de Refugio Los Volcanes. Alles was echt super goed geregeld. Van het vervoer van en naar de Refugio, de wandelingen met de nodige uitleg over de omgeving en ook het eten was heerlijk! We hebben nog een kleine week in Samaipata doorgebracht waar we hebben gerelaxed bij Marga en Pieter op hun kleine landgoedje La Víspera. Nu weer terug in Sucre, waar het wel net zo warm, maar zeker de helft minder groen is. Groeten van, Alex en Ariana´

    Alex en Ariana Smallegoor Netherlands
  • 'Buenos días, Domingo regresamos de este maravilloso viaje por tierras bolivianas. Todo estuvo organizado a la perfección y los guías eran muy profesionales y conocían el lugar a la perfección. Le agradezco su colaboración y recomendaré Ruta Verde a todos mis amigos que deseen viajar a Bolivia. Atentamente, Juan Manuel Ribas'

    Juan Manuel Ribas Spain
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