Lake Titicaca (Titikaka) Catamaran Cruise

Lake Titicaca (Titikaka) Catamaran Cruise

The lake Titicaca catamaran cruise will take you to the Sun island (isla del Sol), the birthplace of the Inca empire, the most sacred place for the Incas.

Navigating on a first-class catamaran on the deep blue water of the Titicaca lake is a fantastic experience for anyone visiting the sacred Lake of the Incas. The lake Titicaca, is the world´s highest navigable lake (12,500 feet) and it was here, on this lake on the Sun island, according to the legend, that the Sun God (Inti) ordered his children, Manco Cápac and Mama Ocllo, to found the Incan civilization.

M.T.S Consuelo 150 passengers (day cruiser), 40 passengers (overnight cruiser), 20 outside view luxurious cabins. Catamaran Santa Rita 60 passengers (day cruiser), 8 passengers (overnight cruiser), 4 outside view luxurious cabins.

The Catamarans were specially designed to enjoy the Titicaca lake. They are equipped with outdoor decks for picture taking and mountain range view, passengers can truly appreciate the overwhelming environment. The interior is equipped with large panoramic windows, a specialized library, a fully stocked bar, closed circuit TV and a dinning room where you will enjoy a candle light dinner.

An exclusive unique attraction available only to Catamaran Cruise Ship clients is a fascinating and unforgettable sailing journey, that takes you back in time and let you experience Titicaca and transoceanic primitive navigation on board the RA, the only large (30 passengers) totora reed vessel available on the whole lake, and built to redeem ancestral and almost extinct Titicaca navigation.
This vessel is made of totora that grows in the shallow waters of the lake. The people of the region use this plant to build their small boats.

Some of the important precolumbian remains on the Sun island that we will visit are: The inca Garden, the Inca steps, the Inca Water Spring, the Pilkokaina Inca Palace.

Titikaka day/night cruise – 2 Days/1 Night, La Paz-La Paz

  • Cruise navigation and hikes
  • Kalawaya ceremony
  • Sail in traditional totora reed vessel

DAY 1 – Early transfer to Copacabana. Visit to the sanctuary. Sail on board the Catamaran Cruise ship to Sun Island, the legendary birthplace of the Inca Empire. Buffet lunch on board. Visit Challapampa village to experience some interactive tourism. Visitors have the opportunity to interact with one of the most unspoiled indigenous Titicaca villages through an innovative program organized with the local community. This includes a visit to their own museum, chapel, school, a typical house, sailing in their vessels to an Inca holy temple, Andean rituals and a walk through the Inca trails.

Cozy candle light dinner and overnight stay on board the Catamaran in lake view cabins with private facilities.

DAY 2 -The Catamaran Cruise ship will sail across the lake and allow you to experience overwhelming panoramic views of the Pilkokaina Inca Palace whilst you enjoy your breakfast. We will then visit the Pilkokaina Inca Palace and continue to the Inti Wata Cultural Complex, the Ekako Underground Museum, the traditional medicine centers, the Titikaka Reed Shipbuilders display centers, the Pachamama agricultural Inca terraces, a handicraft center, the Intica lounge and the widest variety of Andean camelids located in the Manco Capac lookout point. Visit the Inca Garden, steps and the Inca fountain. This visit also includes a unique sailing experience aboard a huge Titikaka traditional reed vessel for a panoramic view of the Pilkokaina Inca Palace.

Buffet lunch on board while sailing on Lake Titicaca. Transfer to La Paz.

Available services:

  • Day cruises or overnight stay on board cruises.
  • Daily international cruises connecting Puno (Perú) with La Paz (Bolivia) with services Puno-Puno, Puno-La Paz or vice versa. A visit to the Uros floating islands could be included on request at the beginning of any of these international itineraries.
  • Guided visits to the legendary island of the Sun, to the Inti Wata cultural Complex and to the Copacabana sanctuary.
  • Exclusive itinerary based on cultural interaction between visitors and local communities.

Titicaca catamaran cruise

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