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Park Noel Kempff Mercado packing list

The following list shows the essential items to take with you on a trip to Park Noel Kempff Mercado. The list does not pretend to be complete, as every tour is different (number of days, visiting the north or the south side etc etc). Please take our advice to travel as light as possible when you choose items to take with you.


2 pairs of trousers (Trousers you can ´transform´ to shorts are the best. Make sure they dry rapidly)

1 shirt with long sleeves preferably made of cotton.

Short-sleeve shirts

1 pair of shorts to swim and walk

Underwear, preferably made of cotton

Socks, preferably made of cotton

(Water) sandals and sneakers or hiking boots

1 hat against the sun (very important)

Rain coat



1 pair of binoculars

1 photo camera

1 lantern

1 pen

1 pocket knife

1 lighter

Sun glasses


Passport or identity card

Insect repellent

Sun block

Some bottled water

Small backpack for hikes during the day

Plastic bags to protect your equipment against the rain

1 plastic bag for dirty clothes


We always advice to consult your doctor before travelling.

Enjoy your trip!