Bolivia virtual: tour from home

This is a taste of Bolivia from your home.

Are you still stuck in your living room with the stay-at-home-orders during lockdown due to the coronavirus? Now is the best time to learn more about other cultures and cuisines. This is what you need to break up the boredom of this time.

One of the experiences we are all missing is travelling. No one can jet off to Bolivia right now but anyone can bring a bit of Bolivian flair and celebrate this rich culture with recipes, movies, music, magazines, etc. A virtual experience to help you escape this crazy time.

When quarantine is no longer obligatory and we are free to roam, we will remember how much we missed exploring Bolivia’s magnificent natural landscapes.

Travel is a great unifier and the wanderlust and passion for learning and experiencing other cultures first-hand will always exist. We know that the excitement that comes with researching a destination, planning a trip, experiencing a place, and meeting new people is the force that drives our clients. But as we all pause on travel, for the time being, we encourage you to dream and map out your first post-quarantine adventure.

 Soon enough (and even now, in certain places) we will venture out again.


Check out “Gustu restaurant – A Taste of Bolivia” featuring a fusion of traditional and modern cuisine. Gustu (Quechua word for “flavour”) is a multi-award-winning restaurant in La Paz and listed as one of Latin America’s 50 best restaurants 2017.

Are you up for a more hands-ons experience? Join us and follow the instructions on how to make these easy, delicious and healthy Bolivian recipes. Yummy! Let us know if you have a go!

Chuflay is a traditional Bolivian cocktail prepared with singani, ice, ginger ale and lemon.

Bolivian cocktail Chuflay

Would you like to recreate chuflay at home? Follow the recipe below and we guarantee you will start feeling like you are on vacay in no time!

You might also enjoy sucumbé (this Bolivian eggnog is a mix of hot milk and liquor/singani, egg, and cinnamon) and other cocktails mixed with Bolivian singani.


Bolivian cinema:

Bolivia Cine is a new online cinema portal. This streaming platform is a catalogue of audiovisual content that was exclusively made in Bolivia by Bolivian directors.

The films available on Bolivia Cine are amongst some of Bolivia’s most critically-acclaimed and internationally-recognised works.

How to use it? Very simple, you only need to create a Bolivia Cine account by verifying your email account.


360 VR experiences:

Grab your VR headset and try these ones out:


Bolivia travel guides and tourist attractions:

Unlike any other place on earth, Bolivia has a breathtakingly beautiful array of natural wonders: The exhuberant Amazon region, the unique Jesuit Missions, the route to Yungas known as the Death road, the beautiful colonial city of Sucre, Tiwanaku, the Titicaca lake and Salar de Uyuni…. These amazing places will smash you right in the face with the most stunning landscapes that will remain in your memories forever.